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Group of companies “VILASH” began its history in 1992 in Saint - Petersburg. Today GC “VILASH” is an International Corporation, which interact with production departments of the three countries... Read more
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We are proud that the products GC “VILASH” popular and well known, not only in Russia but also abroad. We are pleased to know that for many years, our wines accompany your celebrations, family celebrations and pleasant meetings
Vilash Vilash
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High quality of products produced by the GC "VILASH" is confirmed by many awards top wine- tasting competition. Read more
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Grape drinks were bound with the history of mankind, almost from the beginning the appearance of the first cultural characteristics. We valued the incredible work of great masters, following the best canons of winemaking, using modern production capacity, given the tastes and customers' preference, produced amazing variety of wines with unique organoleptic properties
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GC “VILASH” is a dynamically developing company, whose life is filled with exciting events. Find out about our news first.
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Vilash Vilash
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